Welcome to build.my

Personal tools I made to track a variety of things in my life

The various products are not production ready. This is Pre-Alpha level software and very experimental. This is for testing purposes. Do not put sensitive content into these services.

Deep Thought
Learn from the wisdom of everyone around us

Everyone has something to teach us, only if we are willing to ask the hard questions and listen.

Learn from the questions other people are answering for themselves.

Find questions for you to answer.

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Note Taking
  • Short form notes or snippets
  • Taxonomy of notes
    • One note may have many tags
  • Importance on timestamps
  • Documents are stored in a log structure
  • Option
  • Used for timestamped notes
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Public braindump of my notes

I'm a big believer in sharing knowledge.

I try to take down notes about the new things I learn so that it is easier for others to learn too.

Organized in a list using tags

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Other Projects

Public braindump of my notes

Organized in tree structure

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Other Tools

Car and Home Loan Calculator

Calculate your car and home loan.

Or if you have a budget, figure out what you can afford.

Calculate Your Car and Home LoanView GitHub Repository

Gives a breakdown of your calendar.

Helps me to plan my day

View Your CalendarView GitHub Repository

Easily get a timestamp you can use.

Find a Timestamp nowView GitHub Repository

Aggregator for tech meetups in Kuala Lumpur

Built in AWS Lambda and DynamoDB

Find a Tech Meetup in Kuala LumpurView GitHub Repository
WhatsApp a Stranger

Hate having to add a phone number to your phone in order to WhatsApp them?

WhatsApp a Stranger now
Window Width

Simple tool to figure out the width of a browser window.

What is your browser width?
iCalendar Debugger

Debug an iCalendar

Debug an iCalendarView GitHub Repository
Unit Number

Easily display an address unit number on your screen

Display a Unit NumberView GitHub Repository

Get an easy to use map address for a location

Find an AddressView GitHub Repository
Golden Hour

Displays the Golden Hour based on the entered coordinates

Find the Golden HourView GitHub Repository



I have a bunch of frameworks, tools, prototypes that may be useful to you.

Explore GitHub Repository

My various configuration files

Explore dotfiles Repository
URL Shortener

Built in AWS Lambda and DynamoDB

Explore url-shortener Repository
Serverless Prototypes

My various experiments with serverless.

Explore serverless-prototypes Repository
Interview Preparation

Algorithms written in TypeScript.

Explore interview-preparation Repository
TypeScript Playground

Experiments written in TypeScript

Explore typescript-playground Repository
Socket.IO Prototype

Experiments with Socket.IO

Explore socketio-prototype Repository
WebSocket Prototype

Experiments with WebSocket

Explore websocket-prototype Repository
CRDT Prototype

Experiments with CRDT (Conflict-free Resolution Data Type), similar to Google Docs

Explore crdt-prototype Repository